The retrospective!

July 13 2015
The single lady trapped between what the Lord needs and what her lover wants.

June 30 2015
Its gd to keep a diary! Came here to note I was getting depressed coz of femi’s harddrive. Paused and read my prev notes, and alas I cud smile. Well, God never fails! He is a gd God! Goes around doing gd! He is more dan a friend! He has lifted us!
Yes, I think every1 shd keep one, because it helps u see wen tomorrow was better than yday!

nov 10
… to feeling lucky!
Na wa for God, he can be so good. My medical missions. Am blessed.

    Another day

There r odours i smell n it makes me feel sleepy, like dis man’s underàrm smell.

Am at the general hosp K, mr md is wat u’d think is a womaniser . His luck, or our luck is he’s muslim. He’s been helful and kind, n now am seeing wat d possibility is.

My mum n my dad ishh, it is well. God dont let any goat sprout his head into our family. Amen

Workout was great with d malo gym guy Davo .

Salsa on thursday was splendo, and guess wat! How did mr salsa crush get to kiss me. Hmmm, he dipped me, n did dat. kai, it was too little of a time in a second, n i was like…, n he mumbled, did i just kiss u. Me i dont remember wat happened after wards, its well oh! Was so suprised i gisted my sistas; dat wouldn’t have been me. N i have been thinking abt it since yday. Lol at me.
Salsa puts me in a great spirit, and am able to focus more, if not, severe depression.

Ok am waiting for d cmac of Kubwa gen hosp.

(Ehen let me talk of something! You see? Most employers of fcda hospitals usually love to be in maitama,Asokoro n the likes! I don’t know how people are placed in authority and they let other FCDA hospital suffer! The Drs are over stressed, and 2/3 of those who came for care are sent home, because they can’t be attended to! Mtcheew, the crap that happens in this country though!
And yes! Can’t somebody shoot the governor of IMO state! He is such a mess!
That’s how some1 said he loves Yemen and all these Islamic countries, that someone would just volunteer to hug Rochas while he has an explosive wrapped round his waist! Choi! I couldn’t stop laughing!

Plus biko, wordpress should put emoticons here na!)

May God’s favor and blessings flow over my soul.

* Some weeks ago,Tue *
Tomoro is my last day in dtown, i feel homesick already.

Wed of a month
Still havent made concrete plans.

I luv d rains

(*** meanwhile my aunt eh! Don’t know were to even start! Family members can be something else, with the pettiness and all)

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the
bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

*2nd. Of 1 month*
So am enroute vi, cms.
I have learnt not to expect sensibilty from people. Am sitting next to this lady, and her bag is tugging at d back of a guy in front of her. The guy is touching his back wondering the disconfort. And alas the woman goes ‘ahh per why r u behaving like you never enter bus before! Person no fit touch you?’
Ahhh, me I was too shocked oh* A simple sowee wud have done it!

God, pls y cant i pray, it does a lot for me, but am so spiritually lazy, yet i have too much need for God. Biko come and quench my lazyness. God i need healing.

It gats over better for d guy dat luvs me beyond my imagination.
House job nko? Hmm God pls answer wat i wrote here pls.(P.S He did oh, HE is abt to answer me, dat i’ll finish asap, n without any kasala. this strike wants us to become chronic HOs.
Then I got my self a second enemy. juganaut, I am coming for u.

*** yes I got hj, though we are on strike! This too will pass! Most of my life ,I almost always felt I was being delayed! But Papa knows best. He always made it best! From boobs, to uni!, marraige, now housejob! My mama wud just be like???)

Nov 3
Chukwu, life has been somehow. But i can only trust in ur mercies. Relatnship eheeh. But its well, it wud only end in praisE . D has nothing, yet 3 cars to fix and, no house rent. Lol. Be still n know dat I am God. Chukwu di ife! (You did it Lord, i’ll be eternally grateful.)

***(Yes God has indeed been faithful! True we are in another difficulty, but this too would pass. Amen! He emptied his last cash for his kickstart wahala! Now he can’t move, nor boast of 800. Lol! Life eh? )

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