a country called lagos

So my bf has said some political analyst see lag as a country!

But I do dislike dat country though! Next to which another is PH… D humiDity eh is sth else! And abeg I stayed there for more than a month, I didn’t c what the hype was about!

Now lagos, I fear to travel there by road, n when I think of the aiRport stress , am like ahh, its a wrap joor! My kaya is still there, but unless sth extra ordinary is taking me there, I aint going oh!

For those born n bred there, they’ll always say they can’t base in a city other than lag, with all its crazy hassles oh, and having to wake up and start a journey by 4:00am, n meet peeps rubbing rollon in buses! Today I met my cousin who was d first born n bred Lagosian to tell me she can’t live there! She resides in Ekiti today!

I don’t know how people can love stress in this short life. Kudos oh!

As some1 said, its fab for the rich, but very striving for the ppoor


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