The Right Way to Perform Cardio Exercise
Let me start by saying that it is possible to reduce body fat
accumulation with any type of cardio exercise whether it’s
overground walking, elliptical training, or swimming.
However, I must emphasize that high-intensity exercises
become increasingly important when you have an apple
shape. In other words, you need to put in some real work
for some real results.
By high-intensity I mean hill or stair climbing, running or
very intense walk/run intervals, cycling at very high speeds,
timed-lap swimming, spinning, cardio kickboxing or other
intense group-exercise formats. When performed intensely
and for short periods of time, cardio induces a muscle
toning effect around the midsection and other parts of the
body while also reducing stubborn fat.
While less intense forms of cardio may require an hour or
so of continuous training, you can perform higher
intensities of cardio for as little as 20-30 minutes a day.
For the upper body, stick with exercises that target your
chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Some of the best include
the push up, row, shoulder press, dip, and curl. You should
also include selected core exercises like crunches, bicycles,
and planks. Doing so will give your upper body a slimmer,
sleeker appearance, which is ideal for refining your apple
When it comes to the lower body, it’s important to
incorporate specific exercises to target your butt muscles
(or gluteals), thighs, and legs.


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