Bruno iwuoha needs our help (only contact seen was an address and 08033221149)


Without enough insulin, there is too much sugar in your
blood. It’s like having a car full of gas but no key; you have
the fuel you need, but can’t start using it.
The relationship between diabetes and open-angle
glaucoma (the most common type of glaucoma), has
intrigued researchers for years. People with diabetes are
twice as likely to develop glaucoma as are non-diabetics,
although some current research is beginning to call this into
question. Similarly, the likelihood of someone with open-
angle glaucoma developing diabetes is higher than that of a
person without the eye disease.
Neovascular glaucoma, a rare type of glaucoma, is always
associated with other abnormalities, diabetes being the
most common. In some cases of diabetic retinopathy,
blood vessels on the retina are damaged. The retina
manufactures new, abnormal blood vessels.
Neovascular glaucoma can occur if these new blood vessels
grow on the iris (the colored part of the eye), closing off the
fluid flow in the eye and raising the eye pressure.

Veteran actor Bruno Iwuoha is a household name in the
Nigerian movie industry but of late the acor has been off
the set. This has been due to problems with his health as he
battles with diabetes and glaucoma.
Last Tuesday, the actor who as a guest on the Brekete
Family Program on 104.5FM in Abuja opened up about his
current health complications.
Iwuoha revealed that diabetes caught him unaware. He said
he never knew about his health condition until an attack by
armed robbers landed him in the hospital. There he was
diagnosed of the ailment. The complication with diabetes
then gave birth to glaucoma.
He said:
“I’ve gone to so many places; within the country, outside
the country for treatment, until finally…finally, the thing
[diabetes] claimed one of my sight. As I look at you now, I’m
using only one sight. They call that glaucoma. And
gradually, it’s affecting the other one
[eye]. So, naim make, apart from places…the people who
call me atimes, both the little cash they can give me…drugs
and all that…but I discovered that this thing [the illness] is a
lifetime something.
“And it has robbed me of the job [acting]. And now, if I get a
script, it will be hard for me to read it very well. And if I read
it, if I strain my eyes for so long, it would look as if someone
would lead me around the house or anywhere I want to go
because it will affect the only one [eye]. So that’s my
Bruno Iwuoha needs a sum of N3.5 million to be treated in
an hospital in the United States of America. Currently, he
has saved up to N200,000. According to him, the president
of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN Ibinabo Fiberesima has
turned deaf ears to his problems.


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