I hope we all went to church today!*covers face*

So what was most worthy of note? Hmmm, gbaguns!

And it led me recollecting back in d days! We heard pple speak well on tv and the radio,from the priests and our teachers and parents!

But now? Ahh, omo, everyth don cast. My priest can say ‘staffs’ for Africa. Lol! I just feel after my confessions one of this days, I’d chip it into his ears! ‘Father its not staffs oh, its staff’, and pray he doesn’t hate me forever! Hihihi. Well, this is asides the numerous gbaguns, and omg poor terrible sentence constructions, dat am sure he’ll say to him self – ‘wat I said now, does it make any sense? To which he’ll add ‘praise the Lord?’.

That’s not to say, I do luv church a lot, the young choir is amazing! Not like that terrible Assumpta cathederal choir- I just want to use a needle to poke them all to sleep!

So back to gbaguns, then one of our celeb nurses came to talk, and her gbagun is nth near that of the priest. They are incessant and she does it without impunity.If there was any observant person in dat church today, they’ll notice I kept jerking angrily whenever she said ‘wants’!

And I ask my self, why won’t pple speak crap as Englisg when these make them sound normal!

I’d really luv to volunteer at teaching english( adult education, and co).

Ehen, I didn’t have english teachers in senior secondary! And alas cannot remember a single impact they made either! So please for those who can better my writing, and hence sanity, pls do the needful. Thank you *smiles geekily*

(And yes I no the shortforms are much here, pls manage for now, am still working on it)

Have a beautiful and productive week*kisses from Rome* hihihi


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