DIARY, the Retro

But sha! People that like to remix an already very polular song, and then spoil it in the making! Wat is their problem na?

Esp the christian songs! Its just pitiful! *cries*

Why do I keep having ?visual hallucinations. Its so annoying! And the nights are now so scary.

I may nneed deliverance soon!

chutzpah – /ˈxʊtspə,ˈhʊ-/
1. extreme self-confidence or audacity (usually used

So I did a little belly dancing today, as the spirit permitted, I noticed I had gre.ater stamina! Am blessed* shi Nes teeth*

I really need order, a routine, and sth like a job.

Did u notice that our streams of income shd be infinity, because, I don’t know what happens to my salary evry month! It just vanishes! Baba God abeg see wat U’ll do for my condition.

U know what they say about so many thing inhibiting ur dreams! For me one of them is my spouse. He won’t allow u interact with pple, without saying to himself, ‘u need this, its just life essential!’ By pple I mean guys!

Its nice to drink some hot lipton after overeating! And yea green tea and gardeneggs as well. that’s a reminder for that onugbo detox I need.
Lord I pray for grace and for virtue, because I know what to do, and I don’t do them*cry* I need to hit a cardio! I need all the motivation my life could possibly get.

I look forward to tomorrow, and I need to shop healthy as well, no more bananas? Wat wud I now b eating? Ok maybe anara and gnut! Kk

Time out

;;July 13
Thee single lady trapped between what the Lord needs and what her lover wants.


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