i love broad spectrum drs


One of the patients, lets call him Billy, had
been in the ward for the last few weeks, and was
receiving chemotherapy for a rare type of cancer that
had started in his tummy, but spread out across his
body. The subsequent scans had suggested that this
treatment was being very effective in controlling the
cancer, and it was all shrinking, but overnight the
night team had noticed that one of his pupils had
become fixed and dilated (a blown pupil).
Blown pupil seen here in the patient’s left eye
This raised a lot of worries, most importantly the
worry that the cancer had spread to the brain, and
was growing there, affecting the nerves coming out of
the brain by pressing on them and creating this
symptom. The night team had arranged a whole host
of brain scans and investigations to be carried out
this day to find out what was happening. One of the
paediatric consultants, who always dresses pretty
shambolically and behaves a little like a crazed
professor started asking the night team questions
“Is the patient on hyoscine for the chemotherapy?”
Yes he is, they answered, he has a patch on at the
“Where is this patch, is it on his neck perchance?”
Why yes, its on the left of his neck, a bit above the
“Well that is the answer, then. Hyoscine is an
antimuscarinic, and the drug is passing through the
skin into the blood vessels which then feed into the
eye, dilating the pupil. Change the position of the
And hey-presto, the patch position was changed to
the other side of the neck, and the eye slowly went
back to normal. A lot of stress for Billy and his
parents avoided, and a lot of expensive (and
radiation-filled) scans avoided. A simple diagnosis
made without any fancy hospital tests, just a brain.
That is the way medicine should be done!


5 thoughts on “i love broad spectrum drs

  1. Hiya! I’m not sure she’s a broad spectrum doctor within the context of this article, but I’m a big fan of Dr. N. Find her here- drnsmusings.wordpress.com


    1. By that I meant the way he thought wider than life, to see that a little thing could be the one causing the issue, as opposed to some huge diagnosis! Wat did u understand?
      I over read drnsmusings oh! Am always waiting for her posts ,wetin dey pain me be say, I no like fiction, thus, I’ve almost become angry, bc dats wat she now writes most abt.
      I luv ur blog, and thank u for taking out time to go thru d posts. Wat u doing up awake dis early? Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a raging insomniac. Lol. Thanks for replying. I’ll follow your blog now. By the way, for a new blog you have quite a lot of posts. Great job compiling.


      2. Ahhh, you’ve truly sifted through the blog. Can’t tell you about the birds and bees but you can find sequel at insearchofperfecthair.wordpress.com. Or the prequel at inbetweenpeople.wordpress.com depending on whether you read my current or former blog. Please leave a comment on my blog, I would adore that. Hugs!


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