A nice way to meet your half family

I always think my dad is the best in the world, he is so
loving and caring. It never crossed my mind he could have
a skeleton in his wardrobe. I thought he is absolutely
faithful to my mum but alas am totally wrong! I’m an
undergraduate and I have a friend who stays opposite my
hostel. She introduced me to a friend of hers, Kunle. One
day my friend and I visited Kunle and he brought out his
pictures for us to see. As I was going through them, I saw
a man that looked exactly like my dad in some of the
pictures. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I asked him who the
man was, he said the man is his father. I asked him more
questions about the man and his family and from the
answers I got from him, I was able to establish the fact
that the man I saw in his pictures is actually my dad but I
didn’t let him know my relationship with “his father”. I was
shocked. Does my mum knows about it? But if she does
she would have told me. This is sheer unfaithfulness from
my dad and am not happy.

Culled: confessionsnigeria


One thought on “A nice way to meet your half family

  1. I don’t know if this is a real life story but it actually happened to someone I know, she was the daughter from a parallel family outside and her mum never told her who her father was and she never met her dad, but there was this uncanny resemblance between her and her friend
    and they also shared the same surname. So when she got home, she confronted her mum who was forced to confess to her that the man in question was indeed her dad. But she did not tell her friend that they shared the same father until the man died and they had to come together for the funeral, the friend was shocked and disappointed that she knew and did not ‘confess’ as if she was the one that did something wrong or as if it was her fault. Talking about evil that men do living after them.

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