from confessionsnigeria: serious something!

am very comfortable, I have a good
job and a good car and am in my early thirties. Am not the
flashy type but I like good things of life and am a cooled-
headed man. I don’t belong to any department in the
church but I make sure I donated whatever I can to any
contributions being made in the church. Of recent, during
the preparation for our youth convention, we were to
donate #750,000 towards a certain project which the
youth were to undertake. Although each youth was to
contribute #5,000.00 but I felt the urge to do more, so I
donated #250,000. My pastor got to know of this, he sent
for me and prayed for me. I thought that was it, but it
didn’t stop there. He called me one day and asked about
my marital life, I told him am into a serious relationship,
though am yet to propose to her but I intend to do so. He
asked if I have prayed over it, I told him I have a strong
conviction within my spirit that she is the one for me. My
girlfriend doesn’t attend our church, after service one
Sunday, my pastor called me again and said he has been
praying for me and asked for the name of my girlfriend
that he wants to pray over it, I reluctantly gave him. I told
a friend of mine all this scenario, he said maybe the pastor
wants me to marry one the choristers. Maybe his
daughter? Of course he has a 27-year-old lady that is the
choir mistress but I am not
interested in her, she is not even my type of woman,
though she is beautiful. I also noticed recently that she
smiles at me more often which I sometimes ignore. He is
yet to give me his feedback concerning my girlfriend and
he now calls like thrice a week, asking about my
movement, schedule and all that. His daughter also called
one night “just to say hi”. Am getting fed up of this games
and I have not told my girlfriend about it.


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