?marital infidelity

Culled: Lifetitudes

I Found Used Condoms…..

Life sure knows how to throw some curve balls that you
can’t dodge or even ignore. You are maintaining your lane in
blissful ignorance but fate decides you need some bumps
on your otherwise smooth path.
I have been married for 4 years and if i were to rate my
husband on the “good guy scale” i would award him a merry
9. At least i would have before last weekend.
A friend of mine who lives in a somewhat rough part of
Lagos had invited me to her baby’s naming ceremony and i
was bent on attending, bad road or not. I decided to spare
my saloon car the hassle and make use of my husband’s
I mentioned my plan to him and he willingly dropped his
keys on my nightstand on his way out to the gym that
morning. Climbing into the car around 10 am i discovered it
was really dirty. I shook my head at my husband’s habits
and decided to stop over at the car-wash before heading to
my friend’s house.
Fortunately for me, the car wash was empty when i got
there and the boys descended on ny husband’s SUV with
I was offered a seat and a soft sell magazine to read. The
boys gisted loudly while they worked and I found that it
didn’t bother me one bit.
Suddenly their playful chatter stopped and i could feel their
eyes boring holes into my head. I looked up to see what the
problem was and wished i hadn’t.
One of the boys was gingerly holding a used condom, while
the other couldn’t help the look of disgust that had settled
on his face. Beyond embarrassed I pretended to read the
magazine, willing them to be done.
Several questions flashed through my mind but i kept my
face blank.
Their loud playful chatter had ceased and i heard one if the
guys laugh out loud and ask his other “na car be this abi
hotel room?“…..
I didn’t want to look up but i had no choice. Another used
condom had been found, this time underneath the back
seats. I wished the ground would open up to swallow me. I
had been branded a loose woman who got shagged in her
car and there was no way i could clear my reputation in
front of my local hood guys.
I imagined how the gist would be spread from mouth to
mouth. Quickly, i paid them double of the regular fee and
got into my husband’s car despite it being half-washed.
I kept driving until my vision became blurred with tears.
Could my husband be sleeping with women in his car?
Could the condoms have been planted? How do i start the
conversation with my husband? The evidence had been lost,
how do i prove his guilt? Do i even need to? Do i need to
confront him or should i let it slide?
If I don’t confront him and the gist eventually gets to him
how would he interprete it?
I need someone to help me understand…. and to advise me
on the best way to tackle the situation.


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