on yankee life: nairaLander’s diary

Re: Piece of Mind by breathing(f): 7:54pm
Thanks everyone for the shoutouts and well wishes, I really
There’s nothing I hate more than a 6am shift, yet I keep
taking them cuz I am an Igbo girl. Its so hard to sleep
knowing that wake up time is 5am the next morning, the
mere thought of that drives sleep away.
But I console myself by reminding myself that very soon I’d
be back in Nigerian working those 9-5s, every day, no days
off, except weekends, add that to hot sun, traffic and
Speaking of getting real jobs, I was talking to someone at
work today about quitting the company, and she’s like ‘noo
don’t go, why’ and I’m like ‘because I’ve graduated and it’s
time to go find a real job’ and she looked at me like I had
just hurt her feelings. She and another guy there then
asked why I would say that our job wasn’t a real job
I tried to rephrase my words to refrain from making them
feel insulted but at the same time I find it amusing how
simple the lives of white people are. Sometimes I admire
them, sometimes I envy them, other times I just find it
unbelievable how a huge majority of the country can be so
content in a life of just earning rent and money for monthly
night outs.
This girl in question and I started working here at the same
time on a part time basis, cuz we were both students. She
was in college, which is like pre-university and a month after
we started working, she announced that she was quitting
Why I asked
Because she has found a job ofcourse she says
This job? I asked
Well, she’s realised she’s not cut out for college, she’s
switching to full time work. She says
They live in houses subsidized by government so basically
they don’t even have to pay rent, just earn enough money
to fund your next iphone and next months alcohol and fuel
your car.
Its also kinda refreshing to meet people who are so easily
satisfied, and who don’t have their lives all planned out. In
Nigeria everyone dives out of secondary school then dive
into university then dive out then dive into the so called job
market then because its overflowing in there, we further
dive into Masters, marriages, make up artistry .
We are all diving out of fear. We don’t have the
opportunities our oyibo counterparts have. We can’t decide
to use our secondary school certificates and get part time
jobs that can pay our bills, even our university certificates
can’t even guarantee such jobs.
On the other hand, I think our poverty is special too. It’s
nice that 16 year olds can’t just decide to get a job and quit
university, that would simply give our parents high blood
pressure. My dissertation required me to make a
comparison of Nigerian and Jerusalem cultures according
to Hofstede’s and other models, I might discuss this in a
later post.


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