culled: greed gone bad

by lalasticlala(m): 11:21pm On Jul 20
Someone shared this story on Twitter.

I earlier promised to share the gist of a guy fired by one
of the biggest oil companies in Nigeria…
Nedu is a manager in ( we will call the company X). He
was recently transferred from his dept to head a new
Dept, aviation.
As a manager, Nedu earns excellent salary, with all he
perks of office. Lives on the Island, official car, etc. He is
married with a kid.
Nedu went to Kenya for a training/course, not unusual
in the oil/gas industry. When he arrived Kenya, he got
there with his wife & child.
On getting to the hotel, he was told there was no
arrangement for pairs, as the company booked & made
arrangement for only him.
He was told to pay for upgrade if he wants his wife and
kid to be accommodated. Greedy man, he stupidly
claimed he didn’t come with cash.
Mistake number one was made. A call was made to the
MD of CompX in Kenya, who in turn called MD CompX in
Nigeria to report the issue.
When the MD in nigeria was notified, he called Nedu
and asked why he had to go to Kenya with his family
when he was sent alone?
Nedu claimed his family is young family blablabla. His
MD was shocked. It was just a few days course not a
year furlough…
Sadly the call to Nigeria triggered a hidden problem.
The MD in Nigeria, an European by the way, recalled
that Nedu recently had a query.
Perhaps the MD might not have recalled the query, but
a foolish man would always think himself wiser than
Just paying $50 per day to upgrade his room might
have helped but Nedu didn’t want to pay. CompX in
Kenya was asked to pay & upgrade him.
ComX in Kenya paid on the understanding that Nigeria
will reimburse them since arrangements were not made
for more than one person.
you would think Nedu was done with folly, naaa, the
idiot had more stupidity up his sleeves… Upon
returning to Nigeria after the course.
Nedu tendered receipts for taxi & other in-country cab
expenses, unknown to him, his hotel escapades had
made both MDs to talk about him.
The Kenya MD informed the Nigerian one that they
picked Nedu up with a company car at the airport and
also dropped him off when he left.
He was made to face a disciplinary panel on charges of
fraud and forgery. Recall that he might have or might
not have alerted his boss.
In nigeria if he had simply left his wife at home for just
a few days or paid for her hotel bill, but his “smartness”
exposed him.
To cut a long story short, Nedu was fired for forgery,
the MD said he might have overlooked his his hotel
brouhaha, but forgery is a NO.
Nedu is now at home with a wife and a daughter. His
wife, by the way does not work.
May greed and over smartness not be our undoing in
End of story…


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