Now thats the pronounciation!

sepulcher – /ˈsɛp(ə)lkə/

As a catholic, I always see the above word on the 14th station of the cross!

But procrastination and negligence just wouldn’t let me be. That’s how I always saw ‘prolific’ but never checked the meaning, until it caught up with me in JAMB.

Yesterday, I was at the most fervent hour of mercy prayer sessions ever! And that my spiritual life that had dipped rose to full lime light. I was given the 14th station to preside; as it seems they include stations on fridays at their center. Ladies and gents, when I previously rehearsed it 2x, I didn’t bother with the heading, then pop, I said ‘jesus is laid in the /sepulka/. In short the way I paused when I got the sepulcher would make you know I’ve never pronounced that word out.

Its been on my mind since then, and TG I’ve finally checked. To better pronunciations of sepulcher* raises glass and clash with urs* lol.

“Pronounce” is the verb, but the O is omitted for the noun:


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