this is the reason i pray bf gets a discerning spirit

A good samaritan in Sango area of Ogun State has
reportedly lost his manhood after he gave money to a man
who begged for some financial assistance.
According to the reports which have now become viral, the
man who is a landlord with a house on Liberty road, Igbala
area, Sango Ota, was approached by a young man on the
street for money to enable him get drugs for his mother.
The landlord allegedly gave the beggar the sum of N700,
which turned out to be a huge mistake because immediately
he handed over the money, his manhood suddenly
According to the victim: “He (the beggar) looked desperate
and pitiful. He said he needed N700 to get a particular drug
for his sick mother. I have never seen him before but his
pleas really moved me. He said he dropped his last kobo on
the lunch he bought for his sick mother and out of pity, I
brought out N700 and gave him… but immediately I felt
something hit me. I couldn’t feel it, (his manhood). I didn’t
understand what was happening but when I heard him
talking on phone, I ran after him and held onto him and
shouted. With the help of youths and passers-by, we caught
him and brought him to the police station. He must restore
my manhood if not, he will not leave here alive.”
Someone who witnessed the scene also confirmed that he
had also encountered the culprit in the past. The witness
said: “It is not his first time, about this time last week, this
man (the culprit) asked me for exactly N700 to get drugs for
his mum, exactly the same story but God saved me from
giving him the money because I didn’t have any to give
actually, he was really convincing and looked so innocent.”
According to the police, the culprit feigned madness and
refused to talk upon being interrogated.

This morning, bf pings me to tell me sth funny happened few minutes ago. That a guy knocked on his door by say 6:30am to ask for financial assistance. BF has never met him before, and that compound houses abt 10 bungalows. Must really be annoying, and it looks to me targeted that he’d select that particular house. Might have observed him, he is the only bachelor in that compound, obviously, he would not be mad enough to wake up Alhaji, our next door neighbour! Guy lied that his sister had an accident n some stupid story, but when bf got angry he spilled the truth. He needed money. Me was of the opinion he probably wanted to smoke weed or do drugs. But bf says that’s not how the guy looked,lol, that he looked.

My bf has too much of an ‘obioma emeka’ spirit. He racked at d guy for disturbing him, but gave him 500, after giving him a piece of his mind. Me I was like ahh, did u pray b4 giving this guy money? Well he prayed just as I asked.

Now you see why my eye popped when I saw this story?


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