Hotel Where Perverts Pay To Have Sex With Animals Busted By Police.

Three men have been jailed after being convicted of
running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales. The hotel
specializes in getting animals and grooming them to
become good in having sex with humans. Their animal
catalog includes domesticated female white lions, mountain
nanny goats, Irish pigs, Himalayan gentle donkeys and other
species of animals. Some animals that are not dangerous
like female sheep’s and some breeds of dogs are also
trained to give MouthAction and receive full vaginal sex
from the customer who come to book rooms and have sex
with these animals over night. The customers who cannot
afford to pay for full sex or book a room end up paying $15
for MouthAction by the sheep’s while the rich clients pay as
much as $120 a night for a room and an animal sex partner
that is healthy and experienced in human sexual
pleasure.The animals are often cleaned and sanitized
before the act. The vaginas and anus are deep cleaned with
antiseptic smeared with lavenders and honey to make it
tight and wet. The animals are sometimes dressed with
pantyhose, G strings and high heeled shoes depending on
the taste of the client.
The ring leaders Adam Cafferty and John Cafferty and their
father David Cafferty ran a ‘gentlemen’s club’ known as “The
Ram Inn” in Grange Road, Swansea. The brothers, 31 and 28
and father 52 admitted keeping an animal brothel between
January 2011 and July 2015 and a jury took less than three
hours to find them all guilty.
During their trial at Swansea Crown Court the jury heard
they setup a website on the hidden “Deep Web” where
people from all over the country could select the animal of
their liking and book in for an appointment. In their
defense, the defense lawyer, Damian Erow told the trial
judge and jury that the brothel poses no threat to its
customers because the animal sex organs are sterilized
regularly and that the animals are well trained to give and
receive sex with their human counterparts.
All have previous convictions for committing the same
offense at the same address. The two brothers and father
were all sentenced to four years in prison and the animals
confiscated and sent back to animal conservatories because
they have been so domesticated and sexually traumatized
to survive tin the wild. The clients are planning a peaceful
demonstration to protest the infringement on their
fundamental human right to happiness and sexual
freedom. They ask to be allowed to chose their sex partners
and follow their sexual orientation. They claim that they do
not harm the animals instead the give the animals a chance
to live a better qualitative life. The march is scheduled to
hold Sometime later this year.


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