i’ve been spoilt!

If its not basmati, its not rice. I’ve been blEssed so much, that when offered non basmati ‘white’ rice, I feel terrible, grossly terrible eating it. Lol


2 thoughts on “i’ve been spoilt!

  1. Believe it or not I’ve never tried basmati rice, I’m curious to see what the hullabaloo is about, I’ve heard it’s so good. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reblogging my post, you’ve a lovely blog and you do gooood work taurusian feminist


    1. Awww! How so sweet. Thank u. U need to try it joor. Am looking forward to jasmine rice and others, coz, from day 1 and with fitfam stuff, rice has been something on my natural ‘no’ list, so was glad something delicious and worth it was available. There are peeps who have issues though with the way d rice tastes, my sis doesn’t eat it. But d rest of us can’t resist d smell, not to talk of d taste. SMH, I luv food.


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