What kinda life is this?

My very first trip to Jerusalem was like Jonah’s journey in
the ship to Nineveh?. The weather was so bad, and the wind
just practically tossed our aircraft up and down. IT WAS SO
DAMN SCARY. it didn’t help that all these Nigerian women
were screaming blood of Jesus and saying their last
prayers. Many times we were going down so fast i thought,
this is it, we are finally crashing, and suddenly the pilot got
control of it again. And then lightening struck us so hard i
thought it was going to going to crack a window, kids were
screaming so hard, their mothers were screaming their
prayers. The seatbelt sign stayed on for ages, the pilot
turned off the entertainment system after lightening struck.
Whenever the pilot’s voice came on, i braced myself
because i thought he was going to ask us to grab our life

Source: NLander’s diary(breathing)


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