creative writers everywhere.

People do
strange things, my lady danced with that wall like it was the
finest man ever liveth. She ground her hips in the wall,
turned around, placed her hands on the part of the wall she
must have interpreted for his chest. She slow danced with
that wall, she placed her cheeks against it one time and did
a salsa. I tell you, people do strange things.

I looked around desperately
for something to cover my eyes when she bent to her knees
and took a man’s bulging crotch into her mouth, through
his jeans. One guy caught my perplexed look and mouthed
an explanation
I nodded in grateful understanding.
I partied with an interesting couple. As they danced, she
gave him frequent hot slaps, he shoved her in return. Often
times, he dragged her to her knees by the hair and back up.
My iris dilated
“Where was security? Why was he hitting her like that!?”
I saw a gentleman walk up to them and try to separate the
scuffle. The girl wedged herself between her man and the
intruder. I read her lips
“E concern you?”
I was taken aback on behalf of this person. She then turned
back and gave her man another dirty slap, he dragged her
by the hair again and they laughed and fell into each other’s



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