Sweet business ideas for d new year

Credit: nairaland.com

1. She-Taxi
Unlike countries like Egypt and India, a She-taxi service is
practically strange in Nigeria. She Taxi is simply a fleet of
taxicabs owned and operated by ladies ONLY, and for
transporting women commuters EXCLUSIVELY.
You don’t need to worry about profitability or patronage.
It is common knowledge that majority of taxi commuters
in a city like Lagos are WOMEN. Now imagine an offering
without the fear of RAPE, KIDNAP or ASSAULT?

2. Watershop Vendor
Times are hard, not everyone can afford bottled water,
majority of homes in the towns/cities do not have
dispensers. With well branded jerrycans, you can deliver
safe DRINKING water to families. I personally won’t drink
from the jerrycan the regular vendors sell with their rusty
carts in Lagos, but I’ll surely pay extra to get a well
branded and sealed jerrycan of potable water from a well-
dressed & certified vendor.
This idea is practically different from a pure water factory.

3. Restauranteering (Updated)
I’m sure many have read and heard about APC agenda to
feed school children. Now the question of whether the
gesture would be extended to private school children is an
issue many are yet to discuss.
I personally do not think all school children would be fed!
Even if they try, it certainly won’t be sustainable.
As a private investor or entrepreneur, take a bold step and
approach PRIVATE school owners in a street or more
streets populated with private schools. Make them realize
you can provide daily meals to their pupils at affordable
costs. This can be done termly or yearly.
You can ask for an interactive session in PTA meetings. Get
your survey and ask what parents would like their kids to
eat. I always ‘pity’ my neighbour as she’s always trying to
prepare either rice or indomie every morning before going
to work just to see that her child does not beg friends in
school for food. As little as N5,000-N10,000, I’m certain
many parents would want to be relieved of the early
morning stress.
On the one hand, this idea can relatively reduce stress and
expenses parents undergo in the course of cooking, and
on the other hand, put significant cash-flow on the table of
an investor and of course the participating schools. It is a
win-win approach for ALL.
NB: This is beyond a one-man business. No school will risk
tarnishing its image because of food, so one has to be
genuine, trustworthy, duly registered and established.

4. Freelance Home Cleaning


3 thoughts on “Sweet business ideas for d new year

  1. This is quite, good, I like the ideas. Especially the taxi and freelance home cleaning. Another cleaning idea is for newly completed construction sites. You could actually walk up to the engineer or owner or whomever is in charge and offer to clean up debris, after they are done. This might require special chemicals for the tiles but it’s basically cleaning. Quick cash and look on the bright side, no smells from the lavatories. 🙂


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