Lord I am thankful to u oh. R.J was in feb and dis is 27th March. Thanks for seeing me thru and not passing me thru ribavirin, despite it all. That drug you shouldn’t take in and shouldn’t impregnate anyone until after 6months. And the mumu pub health peeps didn’t know that and didn’t inform people. The Lord is our strength oh.
Also learnt my frontee in secondary school had the illness, you can imagine. Na prayer warrior na, serious lover of God n and I know God loves her. If notn I wonder what would have happened just go like that, because you are the mother of medicine.

Been longing to do a post on Lassa. So it was my first meet. Came with a history of neck stiffness and loss of consciousness. We started with antibiotics thinking meningitis. Then came the unstoppable Diarrhea, they don’t slEep at night, we started cipro. Later diagnosed sepsis. I unfortunately moved to the ward. God is too merciful towards me.
Then the drama. Purpuria and conjuctiva hemorrhage. Me I kept wandering why. Didn’t work on friday, came to her the diagnosis, and badly the consultant underplayed it and resisted the sample being taken to ekpoma. If not for her doggedness, only for it to be positive. Omo, na so our crises start. Me I didn’t want to not get preggus, so I held onto not taking it.

So lassa musnt present with bleeding from orifices, and can even be asymptomatic. Some just have cough. But God is too good, and has been kind to His own. All praises be unto him.

Baba, I dey use style wait that seed sowing, and biko give me d grace to go with this lent fervently. I have not been faithful.
Save me from spiritual anhedonia biko.


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