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Lord I am thankful to u oh. R.J was in feb and dis is 27th March. Thanks for seeing me thru and not passing me thru ribavirin, despite it all. That drug you shouldn’t take in and shouldn’t impregnate anyone until after 6months. And the mumu pub health peeps didn’t know that and didn’t inform people. The Lord is our strength oh.
Also learnt my frontee in secondary school had the illness, you can imagine. Na prayer warrior na, serious lover of God n and I know God loves her. If notn I wonder what would have happened just go like that, because you are the mother of medicine.

Been longing to do a post on Lassa. So it was my first meet. Came with a history of neck stiffness and loss of consciousness. We started with antibiotics thinking meningitis. Then came the unstoppable Diarrhea, they don’t slEep at night, we started cipro. Later diagnosed sepsis. I unfortunately moved to the ward. God is too merciful towards me.
Then the drama. Purpuria and conjuctiva hemorrhage. Me I kept wandering why. Didn’t work on friday, came to her the diagnosis, and badly the consultant underplayed it and resisted the sample being taken to ekpoma. If not for her doggedness, only for it to be positive. Omo, na so our crises start. Me I didn’t want to not get preggus, so I held onto not taking it.

So lassa musnt present with bleeding from orifices, and can even be asymptomatic. Some just have cough. But God is too good, and has been kind to His own. All praises be unto him.

Baba, I dey use style wait that seed sowing, and biko give me d grace to go with this lent fervently. I have not been faithful.
Save me from spiritual anhedonia biko.


Jan 12- Feb 1

Ps 12 trusting God for a divine house help from him. So I got 1 and we sent her away after 2weeks. Nasarawa pple! I hail oh. Shey they haven’t caught d jazz man yet? Ps- I got 1, R, from Southern Kaduna.

Haddasah- nice diary

Queen- u r my latest crush.

Satellite images show Cape Town’s dwindling reservoir as the city slowly runs out of water.
New satellite images show just how far Cape Town’s biggest water reservoir has shrunk as the city nears the day when it completely runs out of water. Drought, population growth and climate change are helping fuel Cape Town’s water crisis. Officials believe taps will run dry on April 12, cutting off water access to the city’s 4 million residents. In an effort to conserve as much water as possible, Capetonians will be restricted to just 50 liters of water a day — about 13 gallons — starting Thursday

Missing in Action

It’s so good to be back. See how a new phone can give someone life. True, a part of me died when my phone packed up on me. Fell into water in the kitchen.
I’m an Internet person, like 24/7

I have neighbours that wanna move in. I don’t want the people I saw, coz it wud make ?2 of the in my compound.

I missed the nta euginai abu’s writing session by globalshapers. Mehn those peeps refused calling me. I feel terrible.

My hubby had an accident! I can’t bless God for the ill He aborted.

Awesome GOD. You should check them out.

Call calling on say monday, and I would also be on 31st. May God give us the grace to walk into the new year together with every living member of our families.

Again, I missed blogging.

Plenty love!!!

June. 11th- A day d Lord has made

We celebrated 2lives, 2friend from 1 parish- St Edwins, Kubwa, whose bus they were travelling in had a head on collision with a trailer.

Accident occured on apr 11 at Kogi, enroute Benin. 11 peeps died, and the head of the driver was amputated. Yet they were unscratched. #whoibe!

God gave them a second chance to live better lives. I cried today because of this. And the church was ecstatic.  We were all invited to soul lounge, Kubwa. I didn’t attend. Hubby wasn’t going, plus my sis n hubby came around. Showed us their new car and all. They came coz they wanted to check their relative at the nysc camp.

But did I tell you that crudity has infiltrated everywhere? The shorter of the men had this great social club, as well as the other, but plus knowing top big guys; and you need to see the agboro way he was ‘dashing people the money they were to give to d church. Ha, if the person no get nko?

That Halleluyah challenge, started on 10th, on 11th, I got a testimony. #midnightprayerconfidence. Godisstill Speaking.

Learn how to drive
Plant watermelon n cucumber


God bless you all.

Before 21st April 2017

Hilarious. Power of money. What women take from men. I don’t see why folks insult to increase their own… well, scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Seriously diary, marriage is like a pizza, it comes in a square box, yet when you open it; it’s round. And when you start eating it; it’s a triangle. (culled from NL- prettyhurts. Lol)

A secondary school colleague died. Heard Faridah mohd also dies in a car accident.

Why is the 30th april event on a sunday biko? Abuja, who is going for the youth conference at ICC?

Emporium of Words

I was bouncing down the stairs when his words froze my feet.

Stupid idiot, ungrateful element like you

I looked down and saw them, he was tall with a bushy afro and a yellow shirt tucked into red jeans, he reminded me of a pair of pliers, the girl holding his arm with a fear tattooed on her palm fruit yellow face was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Hall one.

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March 17

He wakes me this morning to talk of rice and beans he bought and I didn’t flip for.

Men love to seek appraisal for what should be norm for them, and when a woman does what she does, it is her duty, why does she need appraisal.

Had told him on 3 or more occasion that I’m not a white beans fan, even did that a week or less ago. Now you go to buy, and you buy this same thing, cause you like it. Well… we’ve had some things we agreed on together, time to execute, you go there, take whatever decision you want, and come home to tell me, and I should be flipping. Communication to me, is letting me know.

You once more made me know you are living in a hell with me. *sad face*. Why is it fair to give jabs that make one loose self worth. Do take time oh. I hold my tongue, cause I know what can be.
I read Prov 17:9. And that happens to be your birthday passage for me.

See this has given me a new energy. Been up since 2am.

Uncle I has a stroke, and I started selling H.

We need finances Lord, multiply all that we have, and let’s use it to ur honor and glory.

My mum, that can Dad get a pajamas for his birthday. Me, I’m like ‘let’s see how it goes’. Man that doesn’t know what birthday means for others, or have ever bought my mum a birthday gift, not to talk of treat.

Enough said. We thank God for the gift of life. Nairaland has been missed by me. So not interested.

Crashers of gethelp worldwide, una doh!