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The Literal Meaning Of Names Of Major Places in Lagos

Ojota used to be a military settlement in the late 18th century and soldiers practised their shooting there. The area had several gun firing spots and became known as “Oju Ota” in Yoruba
which means “Bullet spots”. It later metamorphosed into Ojota which it is called now.

2.Abule Egba
This area is on the outskirts of Lagos and got its name from the early settlers who were Egba people from Abeokuta. The area was first called “Abule awon egba” in Yoruba, which means “Village of Egba people”. It later became “Abule Egba”.

Apongbon is one of Lagos’ most popular markets, and it’s also quite close to the popular Oke-Arin market. It got its name from the then acting governor of the Lagos colony, William McCoskry, who had a Red Beard. The Yorubas who couldn’t pronounce the colonial governor’s name decided to describe him by his red beard and started calling him “Oyinbo to pon ni igbon” meaning a red-bearded man. It later became Apongbon.

Magodo is now a posh area, but in the past, it used to be sacred land. The residents had a lot of taboos and one of them was to avoid using mortars and pestles, “Ma gun odo” which means “Don’t pound it”. It later became ‘Magodo

Epe is named after the early settlers who were Epe traders. The area became dominated by the Epes and they still trade there until today.

Ebute-Metta is one of the earliest harbour docks where British ships berthed at. It was a hub for trade and commerce in colonial times. Ebute-Metta is a fusion of the words “Ebute” which means the seaside in Yoruba, and “Metta” which means three.

7.Broad street
Broad street used to be one of the longest and widest streets in the city. It got its name from its broadness.

The British Naval forces invaded Lagos in 1885 under the pretext of stopping slavery and human sacrifice. The noise their canon made was really loud, and the sound was heard round the streets of Lagos Island. The people described the sound as “A gb din gbinnn”. Which means a loud groundbreaking noise. The name Agidingbi was borne out of this.

9.Victoria Island
Victoria Island was also a major hub for commerce and British ships berthed there often. It’s named after Queen Victoria of England who was Queen from 1837-1901.

Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, is actually an abbreviation for “Ikorodu And Epe Joint Administration”. It was coined by the colonial masters for ease of administration.”



I wish I was a foetus
I never would be bored
Sitting in my uterus
Swinging on my cord.

To worry obstetricians
I’d be a proper beast
I’d change positions on the hour
Transverse, oblique then breech.

To student midwives I’d present
A mystifying case
I’d hide myself inside the os
And leave an empty space.

I’d tie my cord into a knot
And wave it through the cervix
Id give the midwives such a shock
And laugh off all my vernix.

And when my membranes rupture
I’d be a right old pest
Presenting large diameters
I’d transversely arrest.

I’d tell my pal placenta
To get himself detached
To theatre then the lot of us
Would be pronto dispatched.

And when they start to Caesar
I’d laugh and think ‘tee hee!’
When no-one else is looking
I’ll come vaginally.



Re: Caracta’s Shell by Caracta(f): 11:11pm On Jul 21

I had this friend in secondary school who was like a fallen
angel. She was born abroad (Canada, most likely) and both
parents were Doctors abroad (according to the story our
teachers fed us with). She was adored and almost everyone
worshipped the ground she walked on. As omo oyinbo, she
could get away with anything. She was the only person
allowed to wear white when we wear green on Saturdays
(boarding school). Yeah, daughter of doctors. Of course,
she had to wear white. Immaculate! We had students with
parents abroad but this one was so different because she
was born abroad! Big deal! Oh yeah!
BJ (her name) was the only student that had a cell phone.
Oh well! Her parents were doctors abroad! She could have
a phone. I remember the Samsung blue-light phone she
was using then. We would watch from afar and peep just to
stare at her flawless oyinbo skin. We nicknamed her “omg”.
Because her parents were doctors and because she was
oyinbo, students (aprokos) always find an excuse to talk to
her. She was a serial snub then so if she looked at you
twice, go dance round the Mango tree. If she smiles at you,
just die! It’s your lucky day. If she calls your name, just
disappear, your rapture has come.
Students go,
Student: Hi BJ, please i have headache. I have taken
Paracetamol but i am not getting better. (as per omo
BJ: Oh dear! (like one doll baby). Is it at the right side of
your head or the left?
Student: I don’t even understand. Everywhere. Serious
BJ: Omg! It’s brain tumor. The symptoms are: headache,
high temperature and dizziness.
Another student:
Student: BJ, please feel my tummy. There is this hard
round thing there.
BJ: Omg! It’s cancer. You gonna die. Say 7-8 months and
you are gone. I need to call my dad right away. Fetch my
cellphone. ( and the student runs to FETCH it) Ode
Another student:
Student: I’m on my period BJ. But this menstrual pain is
killing. I visited the school clinic and i was only given
Buscopan. Can you imagine? Please help me.
BJ: Does it squeeze you kind of? I mean your stomach.
Student: Yes. Seriously.
BJ: Omg! Your womb is dying. The cells have given up and
your body system is trying to revive them.
Then my turn (i remember this day very well)
Me: BJ, i woke up with rashes all over my body. See them. I
feel weak.
BJ: Omg! It’s HIV. You have HIV. Symptoms are: Headache,
rashes, dizziness, etc.
I didn’t believe her (i had to form na) but deep down, i was
mega-worried. There wasn’t much awareness about HIV
then but trust BJ to tutor me. She gave me a full-time
lecture on HIV. Even when i was tested and turned out
Negative, this oyinbo girl said it was window period. I was
very afraid. Year in, year out, i had series of HIV tests. My
brothers and sisters, years down the lane, i no get HIV o.
Today, i ran into BJ again. She was at my workplace. I heard
my name and i turned. Then she went, “omg omg omg
omg”. She is still the oyinbo girl partially. She didn’t wear
white but she looked really good. What a small world! I
teased her. I said, “BJ, i have headache o” And she said,
“Pele, headache no ni”. Simple and short!

Source : nairalander’s diary

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