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People do
strange things, my lady danced with that wall like it was the
finest man ever liveth. She ground her hips in the wall,
turned around, placed her hands on the part of the wall she
must have interpreted for his chest. She slow danced with
that wall, she placed her cheeks against it one time and did
a salsa. I tell you, people do strange things.

I looked around desperately
for something to cover my eyes when she bent to her knees
and took a man’s bulging crotch into her mouth, through
his jeans. One guy caught my perplexed look and mouthed
an explanation
I nodded in grateful understanding.
I partied with an interesting couple. As they danced, she
gave him frequent hot slaps, he shoved her in return. Often
times, he dragged her to her knees by the hair and back up.
My iris dilated
“Where was security? Why was he hitting her like that!?”
I saw a gentleman walk up to them and try to separate the
scuffle. The girl wedged herself between her man and the
intruder. I read her lips
“E concern you?”
I was taken aback on behalf of this person. She then turned
back and gave her man another dirty slap, he dragged her
by the hair again and they laughed and fell into each other’s



What kinda life is this?

My very first trip to Jerusalem was like Jonah’s journey in
the ship to Nineveh?. The weather was so bad, and the wind
just practically tossed our aircraft up and down. IT WAS SO
DAMN SCARY. it didn’t help that all these Nigerian women
were screaming blood of Jesus and saying their last
prayers. Many times we were going down so fast i thought,
this is it, we are finally crashing, and suddenly the pilot got
control of it again. And then lightening struck us so hard i
thought it was going to going to crack a window, kids were
screaming so hard, their mothers were screaming their
prayers. The seatbelt sign stayed on for ages, the pilot
turned off the entertainment system after lightening struck.
Whenever the pilot’s voice came on, i braced myself
because i thought he was going to ask us to grab our life

Source: NLander’s diary(breathing)

This is such a glorious story

I’m walking down the road, having just come out of
the bank. I’m irritated and upset because what I went in to
do didnt go too well as in Cargo never reach Wharf, and I’m
mumbling to myself and trying to see how I can solve the
problem logically, who to call, who NOT to call, so many
calculations going on in my head. I don’t realise I’m talking
to myself and a passing shoe-shier thinks I am addressing
him and asks me to sit while he polishes my shoes. I don’t
have anything better to do at that moment and my shoes
are actually in need of a shine so I sit down under his
umbrella shade and take off my shoes. I begin to make calls
as the shoe-shiner polishes away. I make a call to Abuja,
another one to Port harcout. Port picks and assures me
everything will be alright that I should be a little patient.
Abuja doesnt pick his call. I’m getting more irritated by the
The cobbler finishes polishing my shoes and hands them
over. I wear them and hand him his fee of N30 and begin to
walk away, by now I’m so frazzled I just want to get to a
cool place and think.
Suddenly out of the blue this girl arrives, mid-twenties, fair-
skinned, her eyes bright, her cheeks painted a bright red
colour and her hair dirty orange. she’s wearing a white long
sleeved T-shirt and over that a yellow short-sleeved one.
Her skirt looks like it has been deliberately plastered with
dirt and her shoes might be different colours. She jingles
the cup in her hand and I immediately recognise her as a
rag-day student.
But it is her smile that elicited this write-up. Unbridled,
unchained, undemanding smile. Completely innocent and
full of joyous rendering. Even though she seemed to be
asking me for something it was more like she was the one
giving me something, something that money could not give.
All the stress left my body in an instant, all the irritability
disappeared like dew in the early morning sun, and i found
myself smiling at this total stranger.
Her smile widened. “Good afternoon sir, please help the
nigerian student”
“At this time of the day, isn;t your rag-day over?” I asked. i
wasn’t interested in her reply, I just wanted to feast my
eyes on that smile for as long as possible.
As if in response to my wishes the smile widened and
ecstacy overwhelmed me. She said something i can’t
remember. i was completely enveloped in that smile of
hers. I drank from it like a man strranded in the desert
drinks from a water hole he just found. I dipped my hand
into my wallet and pulled out a note with a couple of zeroes
and gave it to her. She positively grinned now.
“Thank you sir!” She squealed and was off.
“No, thank you.” I said under my breath.
As I resumed my steps I realised things werent so bad after
all. I walked more lightly with a spring in my steps. A smile
had giving me the relief that a delayed alert hadnt.

Source: Nairalander’s diary 5minmadness

Hello people! it is world hepatitis day.

Am wishing I could make a world calender of all health related ‘days’.
So here in Owerri, at the FMC, an event is being held with free screening, sponsored by Megalife pharm.

Hepatitis vaccines are cheapp to free with 3 doses, for which you can save yourself the risk of contracting the disease, as its >1000x more infective than HIV.

As a health worker and adult, we are predisposed via sex and contact.

Children are presently immunised under the schedule. But one greater than 10yrs maynot have been as it only entered the country’s schedule recently.

So let’s all get screened, and if negative, proceed to get immunised.

Long live us!





It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had a blast! I received quite a few gifts, so that was fun 🙂 . Your birthday is a year away, you look forward to it and before you know it, it has come and gone and you have to wait a whole year for the next one, Haha.

Pet peeves … Not many things rub me the wrong way but I can say that the following behaviour can have me fuming;

* People that hang back for ages after church or an event chatting up and greeting the ‘whole world’.
(my mum is a great example) I’m like “wrap it up amigos and let’s head home”. I’m not really one for too much small talk or ‘sugary sweet friendliness’.

* People that mess up a room after I’ve spent ages tidying it up –
Everything has it’s place, how hard is…

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Read: Genesis 15:1-20

The LORD made a covenant with Abram that day and said, “I
have given this land to your descendants, all the way from
the border of Egypt to the great Euphrates River” ( Genesis

As I greeted my friend, I asked, “How are you?” She
immediately began to wipe away tears. Burdened with
loneliness, she had watched as countless younger friends
had married over the years—but she had not. As two more
were set to wed soon, she wondered why she remained
alone. Her heart’s desire remains, but as each year slips by,
her fears of growing old alone intensify.
I knew—as she does—that God is faithful, more than
sufficient, and always present. But simply to recount God’s
promises to her didn’t seem appropriate. I would go home
that night to a husband and children. I began to imagine life
from her vantage point. Although singleness is—like
marriage—a gift from God, my friend wanted to marry. So I
simply assured her of my love and God’s love—something
she truly needed to hear during our unexpected encounter
in the hallway.
Genesis 15 records a similar ache in the heart of one who
knew the frailty of his humanity. Carrying a God-given
desire to have a child, Abraham had heard God’s promise of
provision ( Genesis 12:2, Genesis 13:14-16), but as days
moved into weeks and then years, he asked, “O Sovereign
LORD, how can I be sure that I will actually possess
it?” ( Genesis 15:8).
Instead of answering Abraham with a timeline of events,
God responded with a sacred oath ( Hebrews 6:13-17).
Creating a covenant that no man could undo, He promised
to fulfill what had been promised to Abraham.
Each one of us will leave this earth with unmet longings
( Acts 7:5; Hebrews 11:8-10)—it’s the reality we face in an
imperfect world. This truth, however, remains: God keeps
His promises and answers our greatest longings with
Himself (Psalm 34:4-5; Ephesians 2:12-13).


I felt it meant,’respond in case of any regrets, thus I’d only need to respond if I wasn’t attending. Lol

Now I’ve found its ‘répondez
s’il vous plaît’, literally “Reply if you please” or “Please reply”.

But neither the acronym “RSVP” nor the phrase “Répondez
s’il vous plaît” are used in current French to require
confirmation of an invitation.

In French,
however, the acronym SVP is used to write “please”, and
RSVP could be written “répondez SVP”.

Emily Post was an American author famous for writing about
etiquette and her writings aim to offer
a standard no more stringent than that tradition.

Late 20th
century editions building on her 1920s work say, e.g., that
“Anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it is
obliged to reply….”, and some recent editions describe
breaching this standard as “inexcusably rude”.
Emily Post advises anyone receiving an invitation with an
RSVP on it must reply promptly, and should reply within a
day or two of receiving the invitation.

So am guessing there has to be a review, and a universally accepted implication for RSVP, coz… Especially in Naija when the meaning is so erratic. *cuts eye*